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History: Our department was established in 1982 and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali ÖZCEL was appointed as the first head of the department. The department firstly started to work in the building where the Faculty of Pharmacy is located on the campus and moved to its current location in 1983 for the Ege University Hospital, which was vacated by the Department of Child Health and Diseases. In the twenty years from 1984 to 2004, the Department building was partially repaired in 1997 and the laboratory sections were renovated. They carried out routine peripheral blood cytogenetic studies, Barr body, and prenatal diagnosis procedures in the Laboratories of Medical Biology by department members and Child Health Department’s staff from 1982 to 1997. In 1997, a contribution was made to the establishment of the Genetic Diseases Research and Application Center (EGETAM). Also, it was contributed to Molecular Biology and Genetic Analysis. The Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Department has been developed in terms of tools and equipment since 1983 and has started to provide routine services to 16 clinics since 2000 as the Molecular Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory. It was possible to provide reliable results in a short time with the modern computer-controlled molecular analysis devices acquired.


Our vision: To contribute to the training of physicians equipped with the knowledge and skills required by national and international scientific and technological developments in the field of Medical Biology. To become a training and research institution that dominates scientific developments in the field with its graduate education programs equivalent to qualified universities in the world and educates scientists who contribute to medical science with their researches.


Our Mission: To plan and execute projects that will provide a basis for educational and research activities to follow scientific and technological developments and contribute to universal knowledge. To increase the quality of health services by supporting physicians in diagnosis and treatment as an internationally recognized molecular biology lab.


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